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  • Parking Sensors F.A.Q. in Ireland 
  • How does it work?

    The system is automatically activated when you engage reverse gear. Small sensors are recessed to the rear of the vehicle, they send and receive ultrasonic radio waves, which bounce off obstacles and alert you to their presence. There is an internal buzzer that gradually increases in frequency as you approach the object. A continuous tone denotes that you are within 0.35m (1ft) of the obstacle.

    What does the kit consist of?

  • The Reverse Parking system contains everything you need for a quick and successful installation:
  • Central Control Processor
  • 2 or 4 Sensors and drill bit (Drill bit contained in most sensor packs)
  • Internal Buzzer and LED (optional)
  • Installation Instructions

    How easy is it to fit?

    The system is pre-wired and ready to plug together, the system requires two connections to the vehicle (1) Reversing light (2) Ground.

    Will the system drain the battery of my vehicle?

    NO. The sensors are only activated when you put your vehicle in reverse.

    Do I need to drill any holes in my car?

    Yes, the system includes a drill bit suitable for plastic, and fibreglass.

    What countries do you ship to?

    We ship worldwide.

    Does the system work in rain or snow?

    The system uses ultrasonic waves to detect obstacles, it may give false alert in heavy rain or snow. The sensors also needs to be kept clean of snow, mud, dirt, and debris.

    Are the sensors paintable?

    Yes the sensors are paintable. That is of course if you havent ordered a set of pre painted colour coded parking sensors

    The system is beeping continuously even without an obstacle behind the vehicle. Why?

    The beeper may beep once (self testing) every time you engage reverse gear. If it beeps even though there is no obstacle in back of your vehicle, please check the following:

    The sensors should be mounted between 40cm and 70cm above ground, 50cm is the best. If the sensors are mounted too low or non-vertical towards the ground (usually caused by a non-vertical bumper), they may detect the ground causing the beeper to sound or give false alert.

    As the sensors in each kit are the same type, please try to unplug the sensor in question, and plug a good sensor into the socket of the sensor in question. If you still get the same problem, then the problem is not caused by the sensor. Please try the following:

    Make sure the sensors are not detecting the ground by:

    Rotating the plastic spacer came with each sensor to adjust the pointing angle of the sensors so they point horizontally, or a few degrees above horizontal line. Note: rotate sensor itself if it has a wedge-shaped edge.

    A faulty sensor may also cause the problem. Test each sensor one at a time by unplugging all other sensors. If you find a faulty sensor, then contact our technical support for help or a replacement.